Trowunna Wildlife Park

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Come see the wombats roaming free or handfeed the 50+ mob of "friendliest kangaroos" at Trowunna.

Tours at 11:00am, 1:00pm and 3:00pm allow visitors the opportunity to learn from the helpful, passionate keepers and to get close to some of Trowunna's special animals. You can cuddle a Wombat, watch the Devil feeding and learn how Trowunna has been successfully breeding Tasmanian Devils since 1985. We are also active in other conservation projects such as Quoll and Wombat breeding programmes and native Tasmanian wildllife rehabilitation programme.

The Tasmanian Devil Conservation Project at Trowunna has ensured the continued high standard of best practices of animal welfare at the Park. Housing the dasyurids in one main component/facility at Trowunna provides secure, close viewing areas for the benefit of visitors. An amazing experience is had by all as you are able to observe the social interactions of the Tasmanian Devils up close; 8 enclosures and up to 38 devils can be see at any time. The new facility also positively contributes to the continued research on these animals.

Download the cycling podcast to learn more about Trowunna: Trowunna podcast

Trowunna Wildlife Park is open every day except Christmas Day from 9am to 5pm - with 3 daily interactive tours at 11:00am, 1:00pm and 3:00pm..

Group Bookings, Private Tours and workshops available - please contact our staff.
Trowunna has parking facilities to accommodate coaches as well as picnic and BBQ facilities for the enjoyment of all visitors.

Trowunna is approximately 12 minutes west of Deloraine, 40 minutes south of Devonport , 45 minutes west of Launceston and 75 minutes east of Cradle Mountain.

1892 Mole Creek Road Mole Creek TAS, 7304
+61 3 6363 6162
[email protected]
9am to 5pm, 7 days.