Twelve Times He Spoke

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"Twelve Times He Spoke" will be presented by Arts Deloraine on Thursday November 15 at The Little Theatre and is suitable only for ages 16+.
Twelve Times He Spoke is a one-man play written by award-winning Irishman Finegan Kruckemeyer who moved to Hobart in 2004 and has had 86 commissioned plays performed on five continents and translated into six languages. His work has enjoyed seasons in 200 international festivals, including at the Sydney Opera House.
It begins simply enough, mapping the twists and turns of one man’s unremarkable life. But the course he has charted is not the one that unfolds and he ends up in places – some quite dark – that were never part of his plan.
When:November 15, 7.30pm
Where:The Little Theatre, Deloraine
Cost:$25 adults, $20 Arts Deloraine members
Tickets:The Alpaca Shop, Deloraine;

Address: 1 Highland Lakes Road, Deloraine
Phone: 0457 198 753
Hours: 7.30 PM