Ashgrove Cheese Farm

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Ashgrove’s operation has now expanded to the milking of over 900 cows across two dairy farms, to supply milk for both Ashgrove Cheese and Fonterra.

A producer of some of Australia’s finest cheeses, the Ashgrove Cheese Farm is no stranger to awards on both a national and international level.
Established in 1993, Ashgrove is a fine example of the way in which many of the region’s farmers have been able to take traditional farming practices and successfully diversify into high value gourmet products.

Visitors to Ashgrove will learn about the cheese making and maturing process through an informative presentation before emerging to view the cheese making and maturing rooms through observation windows. At the conclusion of the tour, visitors will be able to sample products from the full Ashgrove range.

Download the cycling podcast to learn more about Ashgrove: Ashgrove Farm Cheese podcast

The Ashgrove Cheese Farm is open 364 days a year for tours, tastings and farm gate sales.

6137 Bass Highway Elizabeth Town TAS, 7304
+61 3 6368 1105
[email protected]