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Meander is a small rural settlement set amongst some of Tasmania's most beautiful scenery. As you enter Meander from Stocker's Plains you are faced with the imposing rim of the Great Western Tiers - spectacular, especially in winter when the tops are covered in snow.

Two imposing peaks dominate the Meander township - Quamby Bluff to the east, and Mother Cummings to the west. The Meander River flows through the middle of the town.

Two kilometres from Meander is the stunning historic house 'Cheshunt', homestead of the original estate covering much of the district. Cheshunt is home to the Bowman family, whose ancestor William Bowman bought the estate in 1873. There is an extensive collection of workers' cottages and outbuildings around the homestead.

A short drive from Meander is the Meander Forest Reserve. There are many stunning walks here, taking the visitor through a variety of vegetation types and landscapes. It is a beautiful place, with moss and lichen everywhere. From open eucalyptus forest, to temperate rainforest, to alpine landscapes on the top, this is an area worth visiting. Access is possible from here to the World Heritage section of the Great Western Tiers.

From Meander you can also drive up into the mountains of Jackey's Marsh, the venue for a biannual Forest Festival. This is an area of serene beauty.

Drop into the Great Western Tiers Visitor Centre at Deloraine for information about walks and accommodation.

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