Alum Cliffs (Tulampanga)

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Traveling from Deloraine or Sheffield, the Alum Cliffs track is reached via a signed loop road off the B12 between the townships of Chudleigh and Mole Creek, where the closest facilities are located.
Tulampanga is an interpreted aboriginal heritage site.

The bushwalk is a relatively easy walk to a forest lookout located high above the Mersey River; which flows beneath the Alum Cliffs. The track is well marked through a strip of stringy bark forest which is being revegetated. You then go up a small hill to a clearing with a large wooden sculpture celebrating the geological diversity of the region. You will then cross the clearing and walk along a ridgeline through dry schlerophyll forest until you reach a viewing platform. There is a diversity of vegetation on this track, and lots of wildflowers can be seen all year round. The view from the platform is breathtaking.

Visitors please note that the steep vertical cliffs are hazardous and children must be supervised at all times. Pets, firearms and bicycles are not permitted in this area.

For more information about the Alum Cliffs, contact the Great Western Tiers Visitor Centre located at Deloraine.
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Alum Cliffs State Reserve, Chudleigh, TAS 7304
+61 3 6362 5280
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