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With its pristine, rugged beauty, the Great Western Tiers in northern Tasmania is a special place. Above this ancient mountain range is The Land of a Thousand Lakes, a majestic and primeval landscape, a World Heritage Area and the source of pure, pristine icy cold water that is our key ingredient. Western Tiers Distillery is dedicated and committed to producing premium spirits that are unique and quintessentially Tasmanian. At the heart of our new distillery are the unique and beautiful copper pot stills, designed by Stillsmiths Tasmania, handcrafted by Kolmark at their Westbury workshop from the highest quality copper sourced from Europe. Utilising a state-of-the-art control system, Stillsmiths Tasmania has created a fully automated next generation distillery which means at Western Tiers Distillery we can focus on our passion; creating spirits of unmatched smoothness and flavour. Our range of spirits are premium, each one named after a prominent landmark that surrounds our distillery. Western Tiers Distillery products make ideal gifts, perfect to have on hand when entertaining or if you’re looking for a little “me-time”. Distillery tours are also available.

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67 Meander Valley Road, Westbury Tas 7303, Australia