Tasmanian Craft Fair

Friday 29th October - Monday 1st November

9:00am - 5:00pm

At Deloraine Community Complex 2 Alveston Dr, Deloraine TAS 7304, Australia

4 day pass - A $35.00, C $12.00, Family $70.00. One day pass - A $17.00, C $8.00, Family $40.00. Child under 10 is free.

Tasmanian Craft Fair Secretary, Merrilyn Young.

0427 469 586 After 6pm weekdays

[email protected]

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 In the late 1970s Deloraine experienced an influx of artists and craftspeople seeking an alternative lifestyle. Rotarians at the time explored ways of facilitating the integration of these new creative people into the conservative farming community. The Rotary President of the time, John Sullivan, suggested a Craft Fair as a way not only to bring the two parts of the community together, but also to develop an avenue for the artisans to sell their products.

John's idea was taken up by the Rotary Club of Deloraine, which started development of the inaugural event in 1981. This was called the Tasmanian Cottage Industry Exhibition and Craft Fair. The Fair boasted 34 exhibitors and during the two days attracted about 3,000 people to the local Community Centre. It was a huge success as it provided a window of opportunity for people to display and sell their work.

During the ensuing years the Fair continued to develop and expand with increased numbers of both exhibitors and attendees. As the Fair grew it was necessary to find additional space, so it spread throughout various venues around the town and gallery owners became involved. Cottage industries blossomed to include cheese, wine, liqueurs, truffles, and more.

The Fair grew to such an extent that it gained recognition as a major Tasmanian event. Publicity for the Fair began to go national and, to help in attracting Government assistance, in 1996 the Rotary Club decided to change the name from the Tasmanian Cottage Industry Exhibition and Craft Fair to the Tasmanian Craft Fair. The Fair now boasts approximately 300 exhibitors, many of them demonstrating their work, and attracts around 25,000 people over the weekend. The Fair uses many venues across Deloraine and involves the whole town. A free shuttle bus service runs from venue to venue all day.

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