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Carrick Mill has had quite a few incarnations since it was a flour mill. Built in 1846 using convict labour, the heritage-listed three acre property was bought and transformed by Susanne and Andrew Puccetti.

Before it officially became Carrick Mill Antiques, the flour mill was “the biggest business in Carrick”, Mr Puccetti said. But the mill went out of action in the 1920s.

For 50 years, the heritage-listed building was abandoned before it was transformed into a tea-shop, tavern, restaurant and wedding venue in subsequent years.

Three feet of solid blue stone stood between the antiques and the outside world with a large collection of history books, china, furniture, jewellery and glassware on display. Some of the books in the collection are from the 1700's.

As for the ghosts allegedly haunting the building, they had yet to hear a peep, Mr Pucetti said.

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67 Meander Valley Road, Carrick Tas 7291, Australia