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Fiona is an Australian artist living in Deloraine, Tasmania. Formerly a video game artist and graphic designer, she now creates her own unique style of imaginative realism. Preferring charcoal and graphite pencil these days to 3D computer software, her work is dramatic, emotive, intricately detailed and imaginative. Her work centres around the divine feminine; exploring our precarious relationship with nature at the same time imagining a return to oneness with the wilderness through the awakening of the feminine. Fiona brings the beauty of the natural world to life as a feminine character using familiar symbols such as the Tree of Life or the personification of the essence of a location. In this way she invites people to respond and relate at an emotional level to the most significant challenge of our time - preventing our devastating impact on the environment and embracing the feminine to heal and bring into balance our oneness with each other and nature.

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Phone: 0416 054 245

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Shop 1/62/64 Emu Bay Rd, Deloraine TAS 7304, Australia