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Jackie Ribbons Precious Metal & Stone handmade designs



From ancient times in human history, no matter what race or culture, we collectively have used stones as tools or talismans to get us through certain milestones. Commemorative or symbolic, we recognise the energy or symbolism of such pieces in our lives or community Jackie specialises in combining stones to create an energetic outcome. Be it rest and relaxation, or creating energy for a high powered business owner, or even stones to get someone through a challenge in their life, Jackie uses the stones energetic meanings to fulfil the requirement. Teaching for many years about crystals and their meanings the knowledge base is inspiring. With experience that comes with Jackie, she can tailor the right piece of stone for your next piece of jewellery or living space sculpture. Open Friday to Sunday. Consultations by appointment.

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Phone: 03 6395 4407

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43 William Street, Westbury Tasmania 7303, Australia