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Whether you’re a local or a tourist, Seppenfelts Emporium is a destination for one’s journey. It’s a space that carries the energy of ‘old bones’, ‘earthiness’, ‘connection’ and ‘community’. As the new owner, I, Rosemary Vella acknowledge and respect the legacy that Seppenfelts Emporium has built from its previous owners since its conception in 2003.

Seppenfelts Emporium is passionate about bringing the elements together to provide and be of service to the different communities that visit the store. We aim to do this by providing a diverse range of gifts, books, crystals, clothing, jewellery, Australian Owned Rangeview Seeds, and many more products, as well as supporting and providing space for local artists to showcase their work.

We are excited to continue all the wonderful ways that make Seppenfelts Emporium that ultimate destination, as well as introduce a safe and confidential learning environment for your personal healing and development. We believe in keeping yourself grounded and keeping things real.

Workshops and courses will be designed around 5th Dimensional growth, energy building, crystal knowledge and healing, meditation, psychic development, healing practices, self-sustainability and eco living.

We offer inclusiveness, compassionate support, integrity and strong ethical practices in a learning environment. As spiritual souls in physical form we not only hope to emanate these qualities in our day to day lives but also in those who offer any teachings or healing in our space.

The Element of Earth brings deep grounding and balanced wisdom. We are excited to build a community that supports developing a strong foundation for our customers and visitors to grow, learn, explore and experience.

We are passionate about getting our hands in the dirt, living more self-sufficiently and living gently alongside nature.

The Element of Air provides the means to widen our minds to new ways of being and living. We hope your visits to the store bring your creativity alive – whatever age you are.

The Element of Fire brings passion and manifestation to your Spirit! This is the energy that brings transformation and teachings into action. It is hoped that what you learn and practice within the books you read from the store or within our workshops and courses will become a part of your daily routine as well as foster a deeper connection to the earth and yourself.

The Element of Water brings a deeper understanding of life and where you belong. Within these walls we hope you find a path that supports your dreams and living from an open heart – in many ways we feel Seppenfelts Emporium has been, and will continue to be the heart of Deloraine. We endeavour to foster a community that supports and looks out for one another.

Bringing the Elements together we become Spirit! We hope that every visit here is a positive and uplifting experience. Seppenfelts Emporium welcomes you, and we are enthusiastic to support your Spirit to learn, Love and LIVE! Myself and my amazing staff are looking forward to seeing you soon.

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Phone: 03 6362 4242

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Map & Directions

32 Emu Bay Road, Deloraine Tas, 7304