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One cold winter’s afternoon in 1999, Tim Terry harvested Australia’s first black truffle from the rich soil of his Deloraine farm. Since then, The Truffle Farm has become the country’s premium producer of exquisite black truffles.

The Truffle Farm is Australia’s premier producer of world-class black truffles and premium truffle products. Our dedication and expertise in producing exquisite truffle products is born out of decades of innovation and experience, and a drive to grow one of the world’s most celebrated ingredients.

Tasmania's cool climate, pure air and water and fertile soil create the perfect growing conditions for black truffles. On our family farm in Deloraine, at the foot of Tasmania’s Great Western Tiers, our truffles are nurtured and grown slowly and carefully in optimum conditions. They lie in the cool, fertile earth, nestled among the roots of our orchards, until they develop their full flavour and aroma, and are ready for harvest. We unearth our truffles at the perfect moment, guided by the finely tuned senses of our highly trained truffle dog and chief hunter, Doug. Each truffle is gently lifted from the soil by hand – harvested with the same care and devotion that we apply to every one of our premium truffle products. The Truffle Farm is about passion, the rewards of patience, and the pursuit of perfection.

Join Henry and the truffle dogs on a hunt for rare black truffles. This 2.5 hours experience takes you into the trufflery to unearth truffles with your own hands, followed by a generous truffle tasting and lunch platter.

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Map & Directions

844 Mole Creek Road, Tas 7304, Australia


20 minutes from Deloraine on the Mole Creek Road.