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Indulge in the four hectares of modern, formal gardens at Villarett. Beginning in the first years of the last century, when Beech, Holly and Oak's were planted, giving the garden it's original strong design structure. Since the late 1970's, the garden has been further developed with mass displays of conifers, roses, climbers, bulbs, and much more.

Visitors will also find numerous water features and striking sculptures playing a key role throughout the garden.

Article from Blooming Tasmania Newsletter, 2008, by Kay Crowden "Villarett Gardens is the result of the overwhelming passion of two dedicated gardeners. Over the last 31 years Graeme and Linda Chugg have created this sophisticated, stylish contemporary garden.

Beginning a garden on the side of a hill with just a few mature holly, beech and oak trees, they have, with skill, hard work and devotion developed a garden of rare beauty. The magnificent use of hedges and innovative planting combined with modern sculpture has created something rarely seen in Tasmania, a garden where architectural space is used to striking effect.

Despite the physical and mental demands of running a highly successful restaurant, they keep the garden to a degree of manicured perfection that is truly amazing.

Being a skilled hedge trimmer, Linda is one of a rare breed of women, trimming the hedges is her way of relaxing after a hectic days work.

Graeme has created all the metal sculptures himself over the last 10 years, which add a new dimension to an already inspired setting.

Villaret Gardens well deserves its reputation as one of Tasmania's iconic gardens."

Villarett is the perfect place for a snack or a four-course meal. The 80 seat licensed restaurant provides a spectacular venue for your special event or function.

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