Jade Hallam Warners Track Great Western Tiers

Bridge along Warners Track, built in the 1890s and restored by Mountain Huts Preservation Society and Park & Wildlife in 2009 | © 2020 Jade Austen. All rights Reserved.

Warners Track is a heritage track that ascends from Jackeys Marsh to the Central Plateau via Burnies Creek. The Track passes through a series of different forest types starting with wet eucalypt and dogwood forest and giving way about half way up to rainforest species of myrtle, sassafras and waratah. The creek has carved a fairly deep gorge in places and towards the top forms a series of pools, cascades and small waterfalls.

Warners Track was originally forged by Aboriginal people through the use of fire. This managed track allowed for ease of access to the ‘Big River’ country where people came together from the north, northeast, south and northwest for trade and to gather ‘Cider-Gum’ sap and ochre. Warners Track holds many artifacts and much history about the Aboriginal clans.

Later, in the 1890s the track was used to allow stock access to the plateau.

Time: 4 hours return.

Grade: 3: Mostly well-formed and steep track with many steps, suited to bushwalkers with some experience and a good level of fitness. There is an elevation gain of 610m over 3km.

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