Hills Hut on Parsons Track

Hills Hut, restored by Mountain Huts Preservation Society | © 2020 Jade Austen. All rights Reserved.

Parsons Track begins in Caveside, 10 minutes south of Mole Creek and half an hour from Deloraine. It follows an old logging road up the escarpment of the Great Western Tiers to historic Hills Hut. This is an old logging hut used by Bruce Hill who logged there during the 1960s. It has recently been restored by the Mountain Huts Preservation Society.

In their restoration of the hut, Mountain Huts also created a new track to the ‘big tree’. This 300m side trip is worth doing. It begins behind the hut and takes the walker along a rough track beneath forests of tree fern to a massive moss covered Eucalyptus obliqua.

Time: 2.5 hours return.

Grade: 2: Suitable for most ages. The track has a hardened or compacted surface with uphill sections and sections of occasional steps.

Download the PDF handout here.

For more information contact the Great Western Tiers Visitor Centre.

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