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Yarns Artwork in Silk is a large scale textile project of four quilted, soft sculpture silk panels, one for each season, drawing you into the landscapes, culture, and heritage of the Meander Valley people.

Glimpse the townsfolk enjoying the Meander River and the Deloraine township under the protection of Quamby Bluff on the first panel, the Spring panel. Feel the sunshine on the faces of locals chatting over the farm fence and riding a hay cart on the Summer panel. Roam the hillsides and admire the majesty of the Tiers and villages on the Autumn panel. Crisp mountain pools and dark caves shelter a Thylacine family and numerous other native animals on the Winter panel.

Yarns has received an exciting new upgrade over July 2020. It's brand new and waiting to delight and amaze you with a new narration and some virtual reality presentations.

Yarns has been awarded a TripAdvisor Travellers Choice Award so you are assured of a quality experience. This award goes to the top ten percent of attractions worldwide.

An audio presentation with lighting effects provides information about what the panels depict and how they were made. The audio provides regional history and interesting facts about the Great Western Tiers. After the presentation Yarns can be browsed at leisure providing opportunities to further discover the beauty of Yarns Artwork in Silk.

Yarns was created by more than 300 community members using numerous hand working techniques and is a unique, world class attraction. It is housed in a purpose built auditorium at the Great Western Tiers Visitor Centre in Deloraine and is viewable every 30 minutes from 9.30 to 4pm each day.

Founder: Ned Terry. Artistic Director: Niecy Brown.

All admissions include entry to The Deloraine & Districts Folk Museum.

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Hours: Open 7 days from 9.30am to 4.00pm. Presentation is viewable every 30 minutes. Winter weekend hours may vary.

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100 Emu Bay Road, Deloraine Tas 7304, Australia